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Earth's Energy Budget

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Diminishing Biological Productivity Of The Earth

  • In the last decade evidence has increased that the productivity of the earths biological systems has begun to decline, despite the ever increasing effort humans are making to raise production. Many agricultural production indices which have been increasing in recent decades now seem to be slowing, stable or falling. Consider the following indicators noted by the World watch Institute.

  • World cropland area increased to the early 1980s but little increase is likely from here on.

  • World grain land area has decreased since 1970.

  • The growth rate for forests is declining.

  • Annual increases in world grain production have been falling over the last three decades, despite increased fertilizer use.

  • The rate of increase in world irrigated land area is tapering.

  • The productivity of land did not rise much in the second half of the 1980-18, despite increased inputs.

  • World fish catch is very likely to decline in the near future. The number of fishing vessels doubled in the 1980s but the catch didn’t increase. These tapering curves are quite disturbing. The environmental impacts largely responsible for the declining productivity are accelerating. We are only feeding 1 billion people well, but we will soon have 11 billion, and our capacity to produce food is likely to diminish from here on.

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