Andhra Pradesh PSC Causes and measurement of thermal pollution are important topics for

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Temperature Inversion in Climatology

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Thermal Pollution

This has become an increasing and the most current pollution, owing to the increasing call or globalization everywhere. Heat produced from industries is a major contribution to the pollution, much to the operation of the heavy industries which produces high amount of heat energy As we will show a summary to the event of tons pollution happening:

  • Raw materials for productivity (organic and inorganic products)

  • Undergo different chemical reactions with several process

  • Excess heat energy is produced as a waste Product

  • Heat is released into atmosphere (vapor) and riverine system (liquid).

  • Increase of temperature of environmental system and view of the pollution, global temperature had increased significantly.

Measurement of Temperature

Measurements of atmospheric temperature are done by meterol ogical center of the weather for annually, and the graph to detect the temperature trend from a period of 10 years will be CQDlpared with the previous batch of period. Thus we may be able to know the rate of temperature increase overall and make reference to the standard level of heat that should be maintain in the atmosphere to avoid large deviation of heat in the system. Sources and Methods Wit can classify major sources that lead to thermal pollution to the following categories:

  • Power plants creating electricity from fossil fuel

  • Water as a cooling agent in industrial facilities

  • Deforestation of the shoreline

  • Soil erosion

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