Andhra Pradesh PSC: Indian Geography lignite

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Energy Resources: Lignite

Lignite or Brown coal occurs in Neyveli in Tamil Nadu, Palu fields in Rajasthan, Raisi in Kashmir and Gujarat.

India is the 7th largest producer of Lignite.

Places where Lignite is produced:

  1. Raniganj

  2. Jharia

  3. Bokaro

  4. Karanpura

  5. Giridih

  6. Thalchar (Orissa)

  7. Kanan Valley (M P)

  8. Wardha Valley (Maharashtra)

  9. Singarem (Andhra Pradesh)

  10. Nayveli (Tamil Nadu).

Lignite Tamil nadu has 91% of reserve and 80% of production, Neyvelli, South Arcot, Jayamkond acholapur (in Trichi distt.), Manargudi.

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