15th Century States Khandesh Multan and Mewar

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Mallik Raja

  • In 1382, Mallik Raja declared himself independent;

  • He claimed his descent from Kalipha Umar Faruqui, hence his dynasty is called the Faruqui dynasty;

  • Gujarat was the nearest rival of Khandesh;

Nasir Shah H

  • He married Hoshang Shah's sister;

  • He captured Asirgarh;

Ada Shah II

  • His reign lasted up to 1533;

  • He built citadel at Burhanpur;

  • *He strengthened Asirgarh fort;

Bahadur Khan

  • He was the last ruler of Khandesh;

    • Bahadur Khan was imprisoned by Akbar in 1601 and Khandesh became a part of Mughal Empire;

VIM. Sind

  • It was ruled by Sumras;

  • They claimed descent from ancient Iranian Emperor Zamshed and therefore established and used the title 'Zam' before their name;

  • According to Tarik-i-Tahri, they ruled from 1300-1439;

  • The most important king was Zam Nizamuddin (1389-1391);

  • Finally in 1522, Humayun annexed Singh;


  • The most important ruler was Ray Sahrah (1445-1470);

  • He assumed the title Sultan Qutubuddin;

  • In 1527, it became a part of the Mughal empire;


  • The most important king was Rana Khumba, (1433-1468);

  • He wrote a commentary 'Geet Govinda' and 'Chandi Satkam';

  • He erected Kirti Stambh and Vijay Stambh.

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