Delhi Sultanate

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Coming of the Turks

Mabmud of Ghazni

detaild map of Mabmud of Ghazni empire

Mabmud of Ghazni

  • He belonged to Yamini Dynasty.

  • He ascended to the throne of Ghazni in 998 A.D

  • He fought against Jaypala of Hindushahi dynasty under his father.

  • In 1000 AD he led the first expedition to India, against Peshawar, in which he defeated Hindushahi king Jaypala at Waihind

  • Led 17 expeditions in India.

  • In second and third expedition, defeated the king of Multan Biji Rai between 1002-1004 AD

  • Fourth expedition in 1005-1006 AD was against Abdul Fateh Daud of Multan.

  • Fifth expedition, 1007-1008, was against Kashmir and he defeated Nawasa Shah.

  • Sixth expedition was against Anandpala in 1008 AD who had succeeded Jayapala of Hindu Shahi dynasty. This battle is popularly known as battle of Waihind (near Peshawar).

  • Seventh expedition was against Narainpur in Alwar district of Rajasthan in 1009 AD when he defeated king Narayan.

  • Eighth expedition in 1010 AD- annexed Multan against Daud due to the growing menace of the Islami Sect.

  • Ninth expedition in 1011 AD- plundered Thaneshwar, and Anandpala died in 1012 AD

  • Tenth and eleventh expedition in 1012-13 AD: defeated the Anandapala's successor Trilochanpala and annexed the Hindu Shahi dynasty.

  • In the twelfth expedition of 1015-16 AD, he annexed Kashmir.

  • In his thirteenth expedition of 1018 AD, he looted Kanauj and Mathura. King Kulachand of Mathura committed suicide.

  • The fourteenth expedition occurred in 1020-21 AD in which he defeated and killed Pratihara king Rajyapala.

  • In the fifteenth expedition, he defeated Trilochanpala of Hindu Shahi dynasty.

  • The sixteenth expedition occurred in 1021-22 AD in which he attacked Gwalior, Kalinjar and Chandella king Vidyadhar.

  • In the seventeenth expedition in 1025 AD, he plundered Somnath temple. The Chalukya king Bhima fled.

  • He died in 1030 A.D

  • He is called 'Father of Persian Renaissance'

  • Firdausi's Shahnama was completed under him.

  • Al-beruni, the writer of Tarikh -i - Hind accompanied him during his expeditions.

Mohammad Ghori

Detailed Map of Mohammad Ghori empire

Mohammad Ghori

  • He first came through Gomal Pass but was defeated by Mulraja II (The Chalukya king of Gujarat).

  • Second time he came through Khyber Pass and captured Punjab.

  • In his third expedition, he fought the first Battle of Tarain in 1191 A.D with Prithviraj III of Chauhana dynasty. He was defeated in this battle. The contention was for claims for Tabarhinda (Bhatinda)

  • In second Battle of Tarain 1192 A.D, he defeated Prithviraj Chauhan.

  • Qutubuddin Aibak, Bakhtiyar Khalji., and Yalduz were his main commanders.

  • Bakhtiyar Khalji destroyed Nalanda and Vikramshila University and defeated Lakshmian Sena of Bengal.

  • After the death of Mohammad Ghori, Aibak ascended the throne in 1206.

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