Indus Valley Civilization-Lothal and Kalibangan

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  • In the Sarangwala district of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

  • Discovered by S.R. Rao in 1957.

  • A citadel, lower town and a dockyard on The’Bhoga River have been found.

  • Fir Altars, Rice Husk, Persian Gulf seal and Gold Beads have been found.

  • Pottery with the picture of birds and fish.

  • Stone seals with Harappan script have been found.

  • Twin Burials also found here.

  • Painted Pottery.

  • Centre of Bead making.


  • In Hanumangarh, Ganga-nagar in Rajasthan.

  • Pre-Harappan and Harappan sites found.

  • Discovered by A. Ghosh.

  • Ornamental bricks, rectangular grave, five fire altars and an ivory comb have been found.

  • Cylindrical seals, bangles of copper, and a wooden toy cart have also been found.

  • Wooden furrow and tilled land have been found.

  • Linga and Yoni.

  • Ox of copper.

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