Triangular Conflict for Kanauj & Palas for Andhra Pradesh PSC

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Kannauj became a bone of contention between three powers- Rashtrakuta, Pratihara and Palas. This was to exhaust all three of them leaving the field open to their feudatories which resulted in the founding of small regional over northern India.


(a) Gopal: The Pala dynasty was founded by Gopal, who was supposedly elected by the people, the famous Qdantapuri Vihaan was founded by him He had his capital at Pataliputra.

(b) Dharma Pala: The greatest king of the pala dynasty was Goal’s son, Dharma Pala. The struggle for the mastery of Kannauj started in his time. He founded the Vikramadita University and the Soma pure Vihaan in Bihar.

(c) Deepika: the son of Dharma Pala, he extended the empire to pragiyotipur (Assam) Sud parts of Orissa. He permitted the Suilendra ruler of Sri Vijaya (Indonesia), putradeva, to construct a ‘vicar’ at Nalanda. But after his death, the Paa Empire disintegrated.

(d) Mahila I: It was revived in the first quarter of 11th century AD by Mahila I and continued till the middle 12th century AD, when Vijayasena (founder of the Seas) overthrew thon.


(a) YagabhattaI: they were at first local officials but gradually carved out a principality in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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