Vijay Nagar and Bahmani Empires Under Adil Shahi Dynasty, Imad Shahi Dynasty, Barid Shahi Dynasty and Qutub Shahi Dynasty Study Material for Andhra Pradesh PSC

Vijay Nagar and Bahmani Empires (Adil Shahi Dynasty, Imad Shahi Dynasty, Barid Shahi Dynasty and Qutub Shahi Dynasty) for Andhra Pradesh PSC: Comprehensive, point-wise and updated study material and exam notes.

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    Next Week! ! Ministerial Summary of 2017. 📝 Key Aspects: Bridge critical infrastructure gaps, Optimize efficiency of road traffic movement, Macro approach for planning expansion, Corridor approach rather than packet-based approach, Corridor approach rather than packet-based approach, Focus areas.

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    NEXT ISSUE – Banking Sector Reforms, Key Issues: Consumer awareness on services is complex – hospital bills, threatens of legal action, evidence of consent, Consumer rights and consumer protection (2500 yrs ago – Kautilya), Consumer Protection Act, 1986 – protect… (3057 more words) …

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    Next Week! ! Bharatmala Pariyojana: 👌 What is Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Liquidation? , Types of Loans? , 👌 What is NPA? , Need for a Code & Board? Single law for insolvency & bankruptcy.

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    Union Cabinet approved a new Consumer Protection Bill giving more strength to safeguard consumer rights. It mandates formation of Consumer Dispute Redressal Commissions and establishes a Consumer Protection Authority. It also has provisions to deal with misleading advertisements and ban… (390 more words) …

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    India’s medal tally at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, to be held at Birmingham, might take a hit as shooting has been excluded from the competition. Cricket could feature at the 2022 edition as a mixed-gender Twenty20 (T20) tournament.

    Image of Commonwealth Games hosting cities

    Image of

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    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the discovery of two new exoplanets, Kepler-90i and Kepler-80g using a deep learning neural network — an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that mimics the workings of a human brain. This was first time… (543 more words) …

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