Andhra Pradesh PSC: Political Science Study Material: Glossary H

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Political Science Glossary: H


It denotes a position of dominance excercised by one group or a nation over other similar groups or nations. In international relations, it signifies the influencial position of a nation which is capable of influencing the foreign policies of other nations.


It means illegal control or capture or forced movement of a plane by a group of terrorists or criminals in order to pressurise the Government to accept their demands by threatening to kill the passengers or to destroy the plane. There are a number of instances of hijacking. In 1999, the Indian plane was hijacked to Afghanistan by Kashmiri militants in order to secure the release of some other militants imprisoned in Indian jails.

Hung Parliament

When in a general election no political party or coalition of the political parties is in a position to form a majority Government, such a Parliament is called a Hung Parliament.

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