Arunachal Pradesh PSC: Computers MCQs (Practice_Test 20 of 21)

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  1. For the novice, there is a recommended

    1. learning sequence

    2. sub-sequence

    3. interesting way

    4. none of the above

  2. In fact, the more you use LOTUS 1 − 2 − 3, the more you think of new

    1. interesting ways to use it

    2. different ways to use it

    3. more complicated ways to use it

    4. none of the above

  3. LOTUS 1 − 2 − 3 operates with IBM and compatible

    1. hardware requirements only

    2. software requirements only

    3. both A and B or personal computers

    4. none of the above

  4. Work sheets have been used to organize

    1. financial information only

    2. business information only

    3. financial and business information for years

    4. none of the above

  5. With the advent of the microcomputer, worksheets became

    1. electronic

    2. more complex

    3. easy

    4. none of the above

  6. Before you ran the installation program, you created a directory for the

    1. WordStar files

    2. programs

    3. hard disk

    4. none of the above

  7. In earlier versions of WordStar, the Edit Menu was referred to as the

    1. Old Menu

    2. Main Menu

    3. Menu

    4. none of the above

  8. WordStar also allows us to save a marked block of text in

    1. a new file

    2. an old file

    3. a program

    4. none of the above

  9. WordStar provides us reading a block of text into

    1. a document

    2. a program

    3. a new file

    4. none of the above

  10. To perform any WordStar block operations, you must first mark the block of text

    1. not to be used

    2. to be used

    3. of program to be used

    4. none of the above

  11. WordStar supports

    1. documents

    2. background printing

    3. without printing

    4. none of the above

  12. All the file names that you give any WordStar document must confirm to the DOS

    1. file naming conventions

    2. and programs

    3. and document

    4. none of the above

  13. We can send dBASE reports to word processing system for editing or

    1. inclusion in other documents

    2. printing

    3. programming

    4. none of the above

  14. dBASE is a data base management system for

    1. supercomputer

    2. microcomputer

    3. minicomputer

    D none of the above

  15. In computer world, a database is like our shoebox file, with a

    1. very rigid structure

    2. simple structure

    3. program

    4. none of the above

  16. There is a very important difference between human database managers

    1. computer database management systems

    2. any management system

    3. structure database systems

    4. none of the above

  17. The computer does not understand anything about

    1. any information

    2. programming languages

    3. information base on its context

    4. none of die above

  18. We structure our database rigidly so the

    1. computer does not mistake

    2. program can be formed

    3. database is properly occurred

    4. none of the above

  19. We can send dBASE reports to word processing systems for further editing or inclusion

    1. in other documents

    2. of programming

    3. any other information

    4. none of the above

  20. Lotus is an exciting and impressive piece of

    1. hardware computer system

    2. software computer system

    3. database

    4. none of the above

  21. Beginning in Module-2, you encounter many LOTUS

    1. commands

    2. piece of computer software

    3. 1 − 2 − 3 commands

    4. none of the above

  22. The current worksheet is entirely in the

    1. computer

    2. main memory of the computer

    3. programming

D none of the above