Arunachal Pradesh PSC: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 30 of 31)

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  1. The scientist's enthusiasm was ____; she had already published enough papers on the topic to fill a ____, and yet there were no definitive conclusions to be drawn, and the work seemed interminable.

    1. waning-paragraph

    2. flagging-tome

    3. unqualified-journal

    4. at a peak-book

    5. increasing-library

  2. There was no need to read the ____: We knew only one journalist who dared to use such ____ expressions in a publication known for its formal language.

    1. work-conservative

    2. title-cryptic

    3. publication-grotesque

    4. byline-colloquial

    5. article-strong

  3. It is true that ageing is an ____ process, yet there no need to ____ despair: There is much that we can do to delay the worst effects of old age.

    1. upsetting-refuse to

    2. interminable-agree to

    3. inexorable-wallow in

    4. inevitable-gloss over

    5. uplifting-succumb to

  4. The exorbitantly expensive decor of mansion was widely criticized: The celebrity's ____ display of wealth ____ all the norms of good taste.

    1. ostentatious-transcended

    2. avaricious-upheld

    3. grandiose-underpinned

    4. restrained-subverted

    5. excessive-confirmed

  5. The bully had to retreat ____ from the playground when his victim remained ____ in the face of his taunts; the firmness of former victim rallied the support of other children who turned on the former bully with contempt.

    1. rapidly-passive

    2. ignominiously-implacable

    3. repeatedly-cowed

    4. infrequently-intimidated

    5. immediately-silent

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