Arunachal Pradesh PSC: Geography MCQs (Practice_Test 113 of 118)

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  1. Select the correct sequence of food chain in the Arctic waters from the following:

    1. Zooplankton-diatoms-fish-polar bear-seal

    2. Diatoms-zooplankton-fish-seal-polar bear

    3. Fish-diatoms-seal-zooplankton-polar bear

    4. Diatoms-fish-polar bear-seal-zooplankton

    Answer: b

  2. The shaded area in the given diagram represents:

    1. Namib desert

    2. Inter tropical convergence zone

    3. Sahel region

    4. Permafrost region

    Answer: c

  3. Consider the following statements:

    1. Nearly 30% of the petroleum production in the world is from the offshore areas.

    2. The exclusive economic zone in the oceans extends up to 100 nautical miles from the coast.

    3. Only less than 1% of marine area is declared as protected area.

    4. The largest marine protected area is the Great barrier Reef.

    Which of these statements are correct?

    1. 1 and 2

    2. 1, 3 and 4

    3. 1 and 4

    4. 2 and 3

    Answer: b

  4. Eutrophication of lakes is a consequential effect of the accumulation of

    1. Silt load

    2. Sewage

    3. nitrates and Phosphates

    4. Vegetation

    Answer: b

  5. The spread of cultural elements or complexes from one society to another is called

    1. Diffusion

    2. Acculturation

    3. Assimilation

    4. Transmission

    Answer: a

  6. Who said: Similar locations lead to similar mode of life?

    1. F Ratzel

    2. Carl Ritter

    3. Alexander Von Humboldt

    4. EC Semple

    Answer: a

  7. The Red Indians or the American Indians belong to the

    1. Mongolian race

    2. Caucasoid race

    3. Australoid race

    4. Negrito race

    Answer: a

  8. Which one of the following is correctly matched? Tribes Native State

      • Tharu
      • Uttaranchal
      • Bhotia
      • Uttar Pradesh
      • Munda
      • Bihar
      • Kol
      • Rajasthan

    Answer: b

  9. Celtic, Germanic and Ural-Altaic language groups migrated to west because

    1. the grasslands of Central Asia dried up

    2. the expanding Chinese Empire disrupted the life of nomadic groups

    3. they were pushed westwards when the easternmost groups moved west

    4. these were forced migrations which resulted from the slave trade

    Answer: b

  10. In Lee's opinion, which of the following factors are responsible for migration?

    1. Factors operating in the area of origin

    2. Factors operating at the destination

    3. Factors that act as intervening obstacles

    4. Personal factors that are specific to individuals

    Select the correct answer using the codes given below:


    1. 1, 2 and 3

    2. 1, 2 and 4

    3. 3 and 4

    4. 1, 2, 3 and 4

    Answer: d

  11. Which one of the following states was formed exclusively by the migrants in the 20th century?

    1. Maldives

    2. Mauritius

    3. Israel

    4. Myanmar

    Answer: c

  12. The Human Development Index (HDI) has shown a positive trend all over the world except

    1. Sub-Saharan Africa

    2. East Asia and the Pacific

    3. Latin America and the Caribbean

    4. Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS countries

    Answer: a

  13. Which one of the following does not represent the primitive gathering in the high latitudes?

    1. Yukaghirs

    2. Yahgans

    3. Eskimos

    4. Auca Indians

    Answer: c

  14. Which one of the following countries is the largest producer of marine fish?

    1. China

    2. Russia

    3. Chile

    4. Japan

    Answer: a

  15. Which one of the following regions is practising most intensive subsistence farming?

    1. Pampas Region

    2. Murray-Darling Basin

    3. California Valley

    4. Monsoon Asia

    Answer: d