History of USA 2002 Solved MCQs Arunachal Pradesh PSC Set 2

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Q.11 Complete diplomatic relations between US and China were established in:

(a) 1979

(b) 1981

(c) 1982

Answer : A

Q.12 _____________ state is known as sunshine state:

(a) California

(b) Nebraska

(c) Florida

Answer : C

Q.13 _____________ state is known as Golden Gate state:

(a) Oklahoma

(b) Ohio

(c) Virginia

(d) None of these

Answer : D

Q.14 _____________ state is known as Sooners state:

(a) Arizona

(b) Texas

(c) North Dakota

(d) None of these

Answer : D

Q.15 What does ANZUS stand for?

Ans: Australia, New Zealand, & United States.

Q.16 Treaty of Ghent ended War of 1812 between USA and:

(a) France

(b) Great Britain

(c) Belgium

Answer : B

Q.17 Gettysburg Address was delivered by:

(a) President Lincoln

(b) George Washington

(c) Carter

Answer : A

Q.18 Columbus discovered America in:

(a) 1388

(b) 1688

(c) 1788

(d) None of these

Answer : D

Q.19 Louisiana which doubled the size of USA was purchased for:

(a) 150 million $

(b) 15 million $

(c) 15 billion $

Answer : B

Q.20 Dean Rusk was:

(a) Secretary of Defence

(b) Secretary of State

(c) Secretary of Interior

Answer : B

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