Arunachal Pradesh PSC: History MCQs (Practice_Test 103 of 130)

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  1. Which one of th following indicates the correct chronological order of the Maratha saints of the Bhakti movemet?

    1. Namdev-Tukaram-Eknath-Ramadas

    2. Ramadas-Eknath-Tukaram-Namdev

    3. Namdev-Eknath-Tukaram-Ramdas

    4. Ramdas-Tukaram-Eknath-Namdev

    Answer: c

  2. Who among the following Sikh gurus started the gurumukhi script?

    1. Guru Arjan

    2. Guru Ramdas

    3. guru Tegh Bahadur

    4. Guru Angad

    Answer: d

  3. Who wrote Vasucharitra?

    1. Ramraja

    2. Vitthalanatha

    3. Krishnadeva Raya

    4. Tirumalamba

    Answer: a

  4. What is sarvadarsansangraha?

    1. A treatise on Advaita

    2. A critical account of sixteen philosophical systems from materialism to monism

    3. A full exposition of the Mimamsa

    4. A Buddhist philosophical system

    Answer: b

  5. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched (Emperors)? (Nobles)

      • Babur
      • Tardi Beg
      • Humayun
      • Bairam Khan
      • Jahangir
      • Sawai Jai Singh
      • Aurangzeb
      • Jaswant Singh

    Answer: c

  6. Which one of the following measures was undertaken by Akbar in 1563?

    1. Building of the Ibadat Khana

    2. Forbidding the enslavement of the wives and children of rebellious villagers

    3. Remission of pilgrim tax

    4. Issuing of mahzar

    Answer: c

  7. What did the term Peshkash mean during the Mughal Period?

    1. Money paid by the Noble to his cavalry-men as an advance

    2. Money paid by the money-changers to the carriers of post as an advance

    3. A stipulated sum of money paid as land-revenue to the Emperor by the chiefs

    4. Money paid as bribe of Subedars to secure safe passage for a caravan of traders passing though their territories

    Answer: c

  8. Which one of the following indicates the correct chronological order in which the four given important forts were captured by Emperor Akbar?

    1. Asirgarh-Ranthmbhor-Kalinjar-Merta

    2. Merta-Kalinjar-Ranthambhor-Asirgarh

    3. Asirgarh-Kalinjar-Ranthambhor-Merta

    4. Merta-Ranthambhor-Kalinjar-Asirgarh

    Answer: d

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