Arunachal Pradesh PSC: History MCQs (Practice_Test 110 of 130)

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  1. In which of the following forms of marriages, was the bridegroom supposed to give a cow and a bull to the guardian of the bride during ancient period?

    1. Asura

    2. Paisacha

    3. Prajapatya

    4. Arsha

    Answer: d

  2. which one of the following is the word used for ‘fight’ in the Rigveda?

    1. Gavishti

    2. Samgava

    3. Yava

    4. Svasara

    Answer: a

  3. In which of the following, has the fourfold division of the society been expressly mentioned?

    1. Yajurveda

    2. Satapatha Brahmana

    3. Purusa-sukta of Rigveda

    4. Aranyakas

    Answer: c

  4. ‘The Brahmana is dependent on the King and takes a lower seat by his side, but he is superior to the King.’ This is mentioned in which one of the following?

    1. Satapatha Brahmana

    2. Aitareya Brahmana

    3. Kataka Samhita

    4. Taittariya Upanishad

    Answer: b

  5. Which one is the correct chronological order in which the given rulers ruled over Magadha?

    1. Brihadratha-Bimbisara-Sisunaga-Bindusara

    2. Sisunaga-Bindusara-Brihadratha-Bimbisara

    3. Brihadratha-Bindusara-Sisunaga-Bimbisara

    4. Sisunaga-Bimbisara-Brihadratha-Bindusara

    Answer: a

  6. In which one of the following, does the term ‘second urbanization’ in India refer to the urban processes?

    1. Indus Valley

    2. Gangetic Valley

    3. Narmada valley

    4. Kaveri Valley

    Answer: b

  7. Which one of the following virtues was added by Mahavira to the fourfold path preached by the 23rd Tirthankara Parsvanath?

    1. Satya

    2. Ahimsa

    3. Brahmacharya

    4. Sanchi

    Answer: c

  8. Which one of the following Buddhist centres did not have direct connection with Buddha during his life time?

    1. Sarnath

    2. Uruvela

    3. Rajagriha

    4. Sanchi

    Answer: d

  9. A famine took place in Magadha 200 years after Mahavira's death. During that period who among the following left Magadha for south India and is given to credit for carrying Jainism to the south?

    1. Sudharmana

    2. indrabhuti

    3. Sthulabhadra

    4. Bhadrabahu

    Answer: d

  10. Which one of the following rulers was known as Amitraghata, the ‘destroyer of foes’

    1. Chandragupta Maurya

    2. Bindusara

    3. Kanishka

    4. Samudragupta

    Answer: b

  11. Which one of the following alternatives correctly gives the feature (s) normally noticed in Asokan pillars?

    1. Lustrous polish

    2. Lustrous polish and monolithic

    3. Square base and octagonal shape

    4. Lustrous polish and square base

    Answer: b

  12. In which of the following inscriptions, does Ashoka record open confession of his faith on the Buddhist trinity?

    1. Brahmagiri Minor Rock Edict

    2. Bhabru Minor Rock Edict

    3. The XIII Rock edict

    4. Rummkinidei Edict

    Answer: b

  13. Which of the following aspects has not been dealth with in the Arthasastra?

    1. Eradication of famine

    2. Method of cultivation

    3. Qualities of the ministers

    4. Spy system

    Answer: a

  14. Which one of the following kings is associated with the earliest known epigraphic record in India containing land-grant information?

    1. Asoka

    2. Karikala

    3. Gautamiputra Satkarni

    4. Kharavela of Kalinga

    Answer: c

  15. Where are the ayaka pillars installed?

    1. Inside the Viharas

    2. Inside the Chaitya halls

    3. On the Anda of the Stupas

    4. On the Medhi of the Stupas

    Answer: c

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