General Studies: Important for Exam: Indian History MCQ Part 27

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Q. The Harappan civilization declined as a result of:

(a) Aryan invasion

(b) Decline in foreign trade

(c) Demographic factors

(d) Ecological factors

(e) Not definitely known factors

Q. Which of the following was not an aspect of the Harappan or Indus religion adopted in later Hinduism?

(a) Worship of Mother Goddess and Pasupathi Shiva

(b) Worship of Lingo in the form of stones

(c) Worship of Nags and Yaks has

(d) Mythical figures of half animals

(e) Dedication of a temple to a par titular deity

Q. the most common animal figure found at all the Harappan sites is:

(a) Unicorn bull

(b) Cowed

(c) Bull

(d) Tiger

Q. The term Aryan, Indo – Aryan or Indo – European denotes a --------------concept:

(a) Linguistic

(b) Racial

(c) Religious

(d) Cultural

Q. According to the most widely accepted view, the Aryans originally came from:

(a) India

(b) Central Asia

(c) Central Europe

(d) Steppes of Russia

Q. Which of the following Vedas was compiled first?

(a) Rig-Veda

(b) Saavedra

(c) Ayurveda

(d) Atharvaveda

Q. Which of the following Vedas deals with magic spells and witchcraft?

(a) Rig-Veda

(b) Saavedra

(c) Ayurveda

(d) Atharvavbeda

Q. The later Vedic Age means the age of the compilation of:

(a) Samhitas

(b) Brahmanas

(c) Aranyakas

(d) Upanishads

(e) All the above

Q. The Vedic religions along with its later (Vedic) developments is actually known as:

(a) Hinduism

(b) Brahmanism

(c) Bhagavatism

(d) Vedic Dharma

Q. The Vedic Aryans first settled in the region of:

(a) Central India

(b) Gang etic Dobe

(c) Saptasindhu

(d) Kashmir and Punjab

Q. Which of the following contains the famous Gayatri mantra?

(a) Rig-Veda

(b) Saavedra

(c) Kathopanishad

(d) Aitareya Brahmans

Q. The famous Gayatri mantra addressed to:

(a) Indra

(b) Vicuna

(c) Vishnu

(d) Savitri

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