Arunachal Pradesh PSC: Political Science Study Material 12th Schedule

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Twelfth Schedule

It contains the following 18 functional items sections of the society including the

placed within the purview of the Municipalities. Handicapped and the mentally retarded.

  • Urban planning including town planning.

  • Public amenities including street lighting

  • Regulations of land use and construction of bus stops, parking lots and public buildings. Conveniences.

  • Planning for economic and social

  • Regulations of slaughter houses and development. Tanneries.

  • Slum improvement and upgradation.

  • Urban poverty alleviation.

  • Urban forestry, protection of the environment

  • Promotion of cultural, educational and and promotion of ecological aspects. Aesthetic aspects.

  • Roads and bridges. Cattle ponds, prevention of cruelty to animals.

  • Public health, sanitation, conservancy

  • Provisions of urban amenities and facilities social waste management. Such as parks, gardens, playgrounds.

  • Water supply for domestic, industrial

  • Burials and burial grounds, cremation, commercial purposes. Cremation grounds and electric crematoriums.

  • Fire services.

  • Vital statistics including registration of births

  • Safeguarding the interests of the weaker and deaths.

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