CGPSC General Studies 2011 Solved Paper (Part 6 of 15)

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  1. Concave lens is used to correct

    1. Cataract

    2. Hypermetropia

    3. Myopia

    4. Presbyopia

    Answer: c

  2. Which among the one following river does not make a delta?

    1. Mananadi

    2. Godavari

    3. Narmada

    4. Kaveri

    Answer: c

  3. Akbar launched “Din-i-llahi” in the year______

    1. 1570

    2. 1578

    3. 1581

    4. 1582

    Answer: c

  4. There are 6 steps for moving from first floor to second floor. Any two persons can not be on the same step. R is 2 steps above P, Q is 1 step above S and R is 2 steps below S, if P is on 1st step, then Q is on____step.

    1. Third

    2. Fourth

    3. Fifth

    4. Sixth

    Answer: d

  5. The important metal used with iron to produce stainless steel is

    1. Aluminium

    2. Carbon

    3. Chromium

    4. Tin

    Answer: c

  6. The winter rainfall in Chhattisgarh area is mainly due to one of the following

    1. Retreating monsoon

    2. SW Monsoon

    3. SE Monsoon

    4. Western depressions

    Answer: a

  7. Which company started the First Railway Service in India?

    1. Eastern Railway

    2. Great Indian Peninsula Railway

    3. Madras Railway

    4. Awadh-Tirhut Railway

    Answer: b

  8. A, Q, Y, Z, are different persons. Z is the father of Q, A is the daughter of Y and Y is the son of Z. If P is the son of Y and B is the brother of P then

    1. B and Y are brothers

    2. A is the sister of B

    3. Z is the uncle of B

    4. Q and Y are brothers

    Answer: b

  9. Which is the highest mountain on earth?

    1. Mount Everest

    2. Kanchanjanga

    3. Lhotse

    4. Makalu

    Answer: a

  10. Which one of the following pair in Chhattisgarh is not correctly matched?

      • Raipur
      • State Capital
      • Bharatpur
      • Rice milling centre
      • Durg
      • Bhilainagar
      • Industrial city
      • Khairgarh
      • Golden city

    Answer: d