Goa PSC: Political Science Study Material Restrictions on Freedom of Religion

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Restrictions on Freedom of Religion

  • Religious liberty is subject to public order, morality and health, for e. g. one cannot practice untouchability in the name of religion.

  • There cannot be indecent dressing.

  • One cannot forcibly convert another person.

  • Right to wear ‘kripan’ is acceptable in the Sikh community; but not any number of ‘kripans’ or any size of ‘kripan’

  • Regulation of economic, financial, political and secular activities associated with the religious practices, e. g. sacrifice of cows on the occasion of Id-ul-Juha (Bakrid) is not an essential part of the religion.

  • Where there is a conflict between the need for social welfare and reform and religious practice, religion must yield.

  • Social evils cannot be practiced in the name of religion, e. g. polygamy is not an essential part of Hindu religion, hence can be regulated.

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