General Studies: Important for Exam: Modern Indian History MCQ Part 59

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Q. Consider the following political factions at the time of freedom struggle of India in the 20th century:

1. Congress Socialist party

2. Muslim league

3. Hindu Mahasabha

Which of the above given factions supported the Quit India Movement?

(a) 1only

(b) 1and 2only

(c) 2and 3only

(d) 1, 2 and3

Q. With reference to Raipur Session, consider the following statements:

1. It proposed to adopt cooperative farming.

2. It called to abolish feudal levies and forced labour.

3. It was the first Congress session held in a village.

Which of the statement given above is/ are correct?

(a) 1and 2only

(b) 2only

(c) 1and 3only

(d) 1,2and3

Q. With reference to the General Elections in India 1945, consider the following statements:

1. The Congress secured majority of the Muslim votes.

2. The Muslim League captured all the reserved seats in the Central Assembly.

3. The elections witnessed strong anti- British in contrast to communal voting

Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?

(a) 1and 3only

(b) 2only

(c) 2and 3only

(d) None

Q. Regarding Karachi session 1931 of Congress, Consider the following statements:

1. The goal of Congress is defined as prune Swarajan for the first time.

2. A resolution on fundamental rights was accepted which included right to free and compulsory primary education as fundamental right.

3. A resolution on national economic programme was passed which included peasants and workers right to form union

Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?

(a) 2only

(b) 1and 3only

(c) 2and 3only

(d) 1,2and3

Q. Consider the following statements regarding Nagpur Session of Congress. 1920:

1. Khilafat Committee accepted the suggestion of non- cooperation and asked Gandhi to lead the movement.

2. Earlier emphasis on the use of conational means was substituted by peaceful methods for attainment of self- government.

3. The resolution provided for setting up of provincial Congress Committees on linguistic basis.

Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?

(a) 1only

(b) 2and 3only

(c) 3only

(d) 1,2and3

Q. Why was the Indian Statutory Commission appointed before the stipulated declared period of ten years for introducing fresh proposals after the constitutional reforms of 1919?

(a) To check the discontent among Indians due to Jalianwala Bag Massacre

(b) Prospect of change in Government in Britain.

(c) To pacify the constitutional demands of Indian National Congress

(d) To check the growing influence of revolutionaries.