General Studies: Important for Exam: Modern Indian History MCQ Part 62

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Q. Which of the following can be regarded as the aims/ reasons for launching Individual Satyagraha?

(a) To give another opportunity to the Government to accept Congress’ demands peacefully.

(b) To show that nationalist patience was not due to weakness.

(c) To give few selected individual Congressmen to pursue their own provincial demands.

(d)Both (a) and (b) are correct.

Q. With regard to the ideology of the Congress Left Wing with the rise of Congress Socialist party, consider the following statements:

1. They stood for complete independence and wanted Swara not for the classes but for the masses.

2. They stood for anti- Imperialism, nationalism and socialism.

3. Their ideological inspiration came from Russian nihilists and Irish nationalists.

Which of the statements given above is/ are not correct?

(a) 1and 2only

(b) 2and 3only

(c) 3only

(d) 1and 3only

Q. Which of the following statements is/ are correct regarding International Maritime Organization (IMO)?

1. It is an agency of the United Nations.

2. India is a member of IMO.

3. It is responsible for the prevention of marine pollution

Select the correct answer from the code given below.

(a) 1and 2only

(b) 1and 3only

(c) 2and 3only

(d) 1,2and 3only

Q. Consider the following statements regarding Technology Acquisition and Development Fund (TADF) scheme:

1. It has been introduced under the National Manufacturing policy.

2. It will facilitate MSMEs to acquire efficient green technologies.

Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?

(a) 1only

(b) 2only

(c) Both 1and2

(d) Neither 1nor2

Q. Which of the following is/ are correct regarding Advance pricing Agreements (APAS)?

1. It is signed between a taxpayer and the central tax authority concerning the transfer pricing methodology.

2. In India, the APA programme was introduced as per the provisions of the Income Tax (IT) Act.

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

(a) 1only

(b) 2only

(c) Both 1and2

(d) Neither 1nor2

Q. The Azad Hind Faun had brigades named after icons. Which among the following are the brigades under it?

1. Gandhi

2. Nehru

3. Azad

4. Subhash

5. Rani Jhansi

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

(a) 1,4and 5only

(b) 2,3and 4only

(c) 1, 2,3and 5only

(d) 1, 2, 3,4and5