Argument-Logic YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Argument-Logic YouTube Lecture Handouts


  • Premise: Statement used as evidence for conclusion.

  • Conclusion: Statement supported by atleast one premise.

  • Argument: Atleast one premise accompanied with a conclusion.

Propositional Utterances

  • Either true or false statement

  • Door is Black

  • Cherry is a cute baby.

  • Sheenu is Cherry’s Mother.

Non-Propositional Utterances

  • Question – Who am I?

  • Command – Do it!

  • Expression – Three Cheers!

Identifying Premise & Conclusion

  • Premise Indicator

(Conclusion) and (Premise)

  • Sunita is not going to school since she is not well.

Premise Indicators

  • Since

  • For

  • Because

  • Given that

  • For the reason that

  • In view of the fact that

Identifying Premise & Conclusion

  • Conclusion Indicator

(Premise) (Conclusion)

  • Sunita studied a lot, therefore she secured good marks

  • Sunita is not well so she is not going to the school.

Conclusion Indicators

  • Therefore

  • Thus

  • Hence

  • So

  • Accordingly

  • For this reason

  • Consequently

  • It follows that


1+2 |β†’ 3

1: Cup is made of china clay.

2: China clay is breakable.

3: Cup is made of breakable substance china clay.


1 |β†’ 3 and 2 |β†’ 3

1: Pure gold is 24 carat.

2: Most jewelry is made of 22 carat pure gold.

3: Carat explains purity of gold.