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Percent Problems: 7 Tricks to Tackle Any Difficult Problem

A man invests part of Rs 10,000 at 5% and remainder at 6%. The 5% investment yields Rs 76.50 more than the 6% investment annually. Amount invested at 6% is?

A, B, C, D purchase a pen for Rs. 5600 the share of B + C + D is 460% of A and the share of A + C + D is 366.66% of B and the share of C is 40% of A + B + D. Find the share of D?

A train has as many wagons as seats in each wagon. If one of the wagon carrying 25 persons is filled to of its capacity, find maximum number of passengers that can be accommodated in the train. Train always has minimum 20% seats vacant.

5/7, 980

A man can type 20 lines in 10 minute leaving 8% margin on each line. Find the time he would take to type 23 pages with 40 lines on each page if he leaves 25% more margin than before.

Income of a man increases by Rs. 6000 and tax rate reduces from 18% to 15%. In both the situations 25% of income is tax-free. Find initial income if he paid equal tax in both cases.

A company allows 20% commission on sales and 10% bonus besides commission on net profit (total profit - bonus = net profit) after charging such bonus. If total sales and profit are Rs.10,00,000 and Rs. 1,32,000. Find the total earning of salesman.

A company either allows 7% commission on total sales or appoints salesman on a fixed salary of Rs. 3000 and 4% commission on sales of more than Rs. 10000. If in second case the salesman receives Rs. 800 more, find the total sales?

Next Class- SI and CI

If rate of SI for 1st 3 years is 6%, next 4 years is 7% and then 5%, find SI on Rs. 1000 for 11 years.

Find the principle if rate of interest is 15% and CI – SI for 3rd year = 3870 Rs.

If CI on 32000 is 5044 in 9 months compounded quarterly, what is the rate of interest?