Himachal Pradesh PSC Security Services

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Define various categories of security services. Give out the merits and demerits of proprietary services.

the requirement of security services in all the industries is vital and its importance cannot be over emphasized. Irrespective of size and type of product, each industry requires adequate security setup to safeguard their personnel and property. Basically there are two categories of security services normally used in industries these are

Proprietary services: Large business houses in public and private sector preferably have their own security setup. Complete staff is on their permanent pay roll and all their actions are governed by the management. Their recruitment are governed by the management. Their recruitment, training and all other activities are directed by their own security officer as per company guidelines issued from time to time.

Contracted or hired services: Medium and small size industrial houses generally prefer to either use the services of an agent or hire out the security as per their requirement. These private security agencies are doing a good business all over the world and especially in developing countries. There are no proper training in fracture and also do not follow legal norms in laying down proper services terms and conditions. They do not paid actual salary as laid by state government

Advantage of Proprietary Services

  • Complete security staff has full knowledge of company's strategies, plans and final objectives, thereby better cohesiveness.
  • Preferences can be given to will trained and qualified ex-defence, parliamentary and police officers and other ranks.
  • Adequate command and control can be exercised by company's officers/executives.
  • After recruitment their training can be suitably planned and undertaken within the overall company's training schedule.
  • Due to permanent employment their motivation, moral and dedication to company's growth will always be high and rewarded worthy.
  • A feeling of comradeship and better senses of belonging among all staff.

Disadvantage of Proprietary Services

  • Management will be bound by legal terms and industrial laws being permanent employees.
  • All welfare measures like housing, medical and lta etc. Will have to be provides.
  • More administrative backup needed for keeping records of pf, gratuity pension etc as per rules.
  • It is not cost effective and leads to greater financial burden in the long run
  • Trade union contracts and its impacts on functioning cannot be ruled out. In a good security set up what be the code of conduct.
  • every organization has some ethics and code of conduct for their employees, in order to project an image of their industry to outsiders and inculcate an environment of staff welfare and harmony among themselves.


Similarly any security setup in an industry must operate under the preview of a certain code of conduct which will mould them into a dedicated and motivated force. The main points of code can be enumerated as under

  1. Be punctual on duty or at any other place wherever presence is needed to carry out a task

  2. Always smart turn out with good uniform speaks itself about functional ability of a person

  3. Understand your duty well-what to do where to do how to do whenever in doubt clarify with your seniors.

  4. Every act on duty should be to protect and prevent theft, crime sabotage and riots etc. For the welfare of personnel and material of the company.

  5. Avoid personnel friendship, prejudices and animosities form mixing with official matters.

  6. Ensure that an important secret and top secret information is not leaked is not leaked to any unauthorized person.

  7. Security officer and supervisors must keep themselves well informed with latest scientific developments

  8. Always keep good relations with local law enforcing agencies.

  9. Be polite but firm while conversing with a person or answering a telephone call.

  10. Never lose your temper even if other person does that. Be courteous and avoid foul language

  11. Try and develop a habit of good listener, you may extract sometimes valuable information from a talkative person.

  12. be short and precise in your conversation

  13. Avoid we versus them attitude

  14. Do not believe a stranger on the face value and his turnout. All these are quirte deceptive in business

  15. Do not forgot to report to your seniors at the earliest opportunities about any information that may be some use for the organization

  16. Never rely too much on your memory, whenever possible make a note all the points you hear or notice

  17. Never leave your place of duty unless you are properly relived or ordered by yours seniors to leave