Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Divergence, Diatribe to Disperse

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Meaning: the act of splitting off into different directions

Also used as: Diverge (verb); divergent (adj)

A divergence of opinion ended their friendship.


Meaning: noun – a bitterly critical speech

Sentence: when something went wrong, he went into a diatribe.


verb- to say things harmful to person’s reputation; malign; vilify

Also used as: Defamation (noun); defamatory (adj)

The man was defamed by the accusations of criminal conduct.


verb- to move away from the main topic when writing or speaking; to go off on a tangent

Also used as: Digression (noun); digressive (adj); digressively (adv)

In writing, if you digress from the main point for too long, you may lose your reader.


verb- emptied; drained; used up

Also used as: Depletion (noun); depletable (adj)

The epidemic becomes a medical emergency when supplies of the antibiotic were depleted.


noun- separation into parts; the process of dissolving

Also used as: Dissolve (verb)

Another way of saying divorce is “dissolution of marriage”.


adj – feeling hopeless or depressed no self confidante.

Also used as: Despondency (noun); despondently (adv)

After the fire, Sam was despondent for weeks.


verb – say negative things; belittle

Also used as: Disparaging (adj); disparagingly (adv)

No one likes to hear disparaging remarks.

Don’t confuse with “disparate”.


adj- different

Also used as: Disparity (noun); disparate ethnic groups.

Most cities contain disparate ethnic groups.


noun- moral decay or decline of mixable value

Also used as: Decadent (adj); decadently (adv)

Some historians attribute the fall of the Roman Empire to internal decadence.


verb- provide information, reveal

Also used as: Disclosure (noun)

Sue disclosed more to the stranger than she’d intended.


verb- spread around, scatter

Note: Don’t confuse with “disburse” which means “to pay out.”

The police used tear gas to disperse the cord.