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  • 1 Expected Questions in Environment & Latest Developments Part 3 (Set 2) [ NTA NET-JRF Upd. ]

    Weeds Threaten Gujarat’s Lion and Their Prey: - Two shrubs lantana camara and cassia tora spreading in the Gir forest are threatening Asiatic lions. Experts and forest department officials said that the spread of lantana camara (locally known as indradhanu) is so rapid that remov

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  • 2 📹 Expected Questions on Health and Defense 2018 (Part – 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Zero Hunger Programme to be launched in October - Zero Hunger Programme through interventions in farm sector in India will be launched on occasion of World Food Day (October 16). Focus on agriculture, nutrition and health in a symbiotic manner.

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    Expected Ques

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  • 3 📹 Expected Questions on Bills, Acts, Policies - 2018 (Part - 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 - Provide for regular auditing: To verify the claims made by builders regarding used funds. Developers have also been mandated to upload information about the project.

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    Expected Questions on Bills, Acts, Poli

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  • 4 📹 Expected Questions on Bills, Acts, Policies - 2018 (Part - 3) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill, 2017 - A new draft law for resolution of financial firms has recently released for public consultation by the Ministry of Finance, government of India.

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    Expected Questions on Bills, Acts, Policies 2018 (In Engl

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  • 5 List of Important Committees in India- 2018 (Part - 3), Culture and Disaster Management [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Corporate Insolvency and liquidation panel - Chairperson Uday Kotak, Purpose To consolidate and amend laws relating to reorganization as well as insolvency resolution of corporate persons, partnership firms and individuals in a time bound manner.

    International Organisation of Se

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  • 6 📹 Expected Questions on Environment 2018 - IAS / NET (Part 2) - (Set - 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    SECURE Himalaya Project and Third National Wildlife Action Plan for 2017 - 2031 - Union Government launched SECURE Himalaya, a six-year project, For conservation of locally and globally significant biodiversity,

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    Expected Questions on Environment 2018 - IAS/N

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