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Here is the Jammu and Kashmir Prelims 2017 – Geography Solved paper – Part 2 (Q. 31 - 60). The question paper was more or less direct. Some of questions were not clearly mentioned as to what the examiner exactly wants to ask. But yes, those expected more than 100 out of 120 shouldn’t waste time and start there preparation for Mains exam soon.

Q: 31 Closed contours of decreasing values towards their centre, represent

(A) A Hill

(B) A Depression

(C) A Saddle or Pass

(D) A River Bed

Answer: B

Q: 32. An imaginary line joining the points of equal elevation on the surface of the earth represents

(A) Contour Surface

(B) Contour Gradient

(C) Contour Line

(D) Level Line

Answer: C

Q: 33. A bearing of a line is also known as

(A) Magnetic Bearing

(B) True Bearing

(C) Azimuth

(D) Reduced Bearing

Answer: B

Q: 34. The suitable contour interval for a map with scale 1: 10000 is

(A) 2m

(B) 5m

(C) 10m

(D) 20m

Answer: A

Q: 35. Intersection method of detailed plotting is most suitable for

(A) Forest

(B) Hilly Areas

(C) Urban Areas

(D) Plains

Answer: B

Q: 36. Which of the following is not a type of map projection?

(A) Conic

(B) Azimuth

(C) Geographic

(D) Cylindrical

Answer: C

Q: 37. What does 1mm on a map drawn at a scale of 1: 50, 000 represent on the ground?

(A) 5 Metres

(B) 50 Centimeters

(C) 50 Meters

(D) 500 Centimeters

Answer: C

Q: 38. How is a large city most likely to be represented on a 1: 25, 000 scale map?

(A) As a Single Point

(B) As a Collection of Points

(C) As a Collection of Area

(D) As a Collection of Points, lines and areas

Answer: D

Q: 39. The common shapes of map projections are

(A) Cylinder, Cones, and Planes

(B) Cylinders and Cones

(C) Cone and Planes

(D) Cylinder and Planes

Answer: A

Q: 40. A map projection that is made when contents of the globe are moved onto a cylinder of paper is called

(A) Cylindrical Projection

(B) Conic Projection

(C) Azimuthal Projection

(D) Equal – Area Projection

Answer: A

Q: 41. “Sugar Bowl of the World”

(A) India

(B) Cuba


(D) Indonesia

Answer: B

Q: 42. The Islands of Cloves is

(A) Sri Lanka

(B) Indonesia

(C) Zanzibar

(D) Cuba

Answer: C

Q: 43. Which country is known as land of “kiwis”?

(A) Australia

(B) South Africa

(C) West Indies

(D) New Zealand

Answer: D

Q: 44. The capital of Norway is

(A) Copenhagan

(B) Oslo

(C) Beirut

(D) Canton

Answer: B

Q: 45. The natural boundary between Britain and France

(A) The Alps

(B) The English Channel

(C) The river Thames

(D) The river Seine

Answer: B

Q: 46. Largest producer of tea in the world is

(A) India

(B) Russia

(C) China

(D) Brazil

Answer: C

Q: 47. The main industrial production in Switzerland

(A) Cotton textile

(B) Motor cars

(C) Watch and clocks

(D) Cement

Answer: C

Q: 48. Paris is famous for

(A) Museum and library

(B) Fashion and decoration

(C) Healthy climate

(D) Dairy industry

Answer: B

Q: 49. Which of the following is famous for dairy industry?

(A) Denmark

(B) Norway

(C) Sweden

(D) Finland

Answer: A

Q: 50. Name the river that originates from Black Forest and falls in Black sea?

(A) Rhine

(B) Oder

(C) Danube

(D) Don

Answer: C

Q: 51. Which of the following is the longest river of Europe?

(A) Danube

(B) Volga

(C) Rhine

(D) Seine

Answer: B

Q: 52. Which country of Europe is known as the ‘Country of Lakes’?

(A) Finland

(B) Italy

(C) France

(D) Spain

Answer: A

Q: 53. Which is the mountain between the Black sea and Caspian sea?

(A) Ural

(B) Caucasus

(C) Alps

(D) Balkan

Answer: B

Q: 54. Vesuvius is situated in

(A) Italy

(B) Norway

(C) France

(D) Germany

Answer: A

Q: 55. The Kiel Canal links

(A) Mediterranean and Black Sea

(B) Pacific and Atlantic oceans

(C) Mediterranean and Red Sea

(D) North Sea and Baltic Sea

Answer: D

Q: 56. The chief wine producer of the world is

(A) Great Britain

(B) Norway

(C) France

(D) Germany

Answer: C

Q: 57. Which of the following has the greatest importance in commercial fisheries?

(A) Spain

(B) Dogger Banks

(C) Italy

(D) Portugal

Answer: B

Q: 58. The longest railway line of the world

(A) Canadian Pacific Railway

(B) Cape-Cairo

(C) Trans-Siberian Railway

(D) Paris- Constantinople Railway

Answer: C

Q: 59. Chief Industry of Canada is

(A) Wine

(B) Dairy

(C) Iron

(D) Wood pulp and paper

Answer: D

Q: 60. Winnipeg is famous for

(A) Natural scenery

(B) Wheat centre

(C) High buildings

(D) Film industry

Answer: C

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