Karnataka (Nammak) PSC: Book List for Psychology

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  1. Psychology XI & XII Std NCERT
  2. Introduction to Psychology Morgan & King - Buy from Amazon.in
  3. Psychology Robert A Baron - Buy from Amazon.in
  4. Social Psychology Baron & Byrne - Buy from Amazon.in
  5. The Psychology of Small Groups Shaw - Buy from Amazon.in
  6. Inner World Sudhir Kakar Buy from Amazon.in
  7. Achieving Society David McClelland - Buy from Amazon.in
  8. Theories of Personality Hall & Lindzey - Buy from Amazon.in
  9. Systems & Theories of Psychology Krawiec & Chaplin- Buy from Amazon.in
  10. Abnormal Psychology & Modern Life James.C. Coleman- Buy from Amazon.in

Book List for Your Reference/Interest

  1. Atkinson
  2. Eysenck - "Psychology-Ashrdent's Handbook"
  3. Chaplin and Kraweik - Systems and theories of psychology

Reference Books for Specific Topics

  1. Theories of personality - Hall and Lindey - Buy from Amazon.in
  2. Abnormal psychology and modern life - Cokman Vead, well being & Mental disorders, therapeutic approaches and coping mechanisms.
  3. Community psychology - Pandey
  4. Organisational behaviour - Stephen P. Robbins - Buy from Amazon.in
  5. Advanced Educational Psychology - Mangal S. K. - Buy from Amazon.in
  6. Social psychology - Baron - Buy from Amazon.in
  7. Psychological testing - A.K. Singh
  8. Statistical Analysis Garette
  9. Development psychology - Hurlock - Buy from Amazon.in

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