The 18th Century States (History) Study Material for Karnataka (Nammak) PSC-Updated for 2018-2019 Changes

18th Century States and Political Boundaries (History) for Karnataka (Nammak) PSC: Comprehensive, point-wise and updated study material and exam notes.

Karnataka (Nammak) PSC: Latest Notifications, Dates, Updates, News & More

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  • 1 Expected Questions in Environment & Latest Developments Part 2 (Set 1) [ NTA NET-JRF Upd. ]

    Methanol Economy” NITI Aayog Working on Road Map on World Environment Day, 2018: -NITI Aayog is working on roadmap for full-scale implementation of methanol economy in country in near future, which would curb pollution, & reduce India’s dependence on oil imports as well.

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  • 2 Expected Questions in Environment & Latest Developments Part 3 (Set 2) [ NTA NET-JRF Upd. ]

    Weeds Threaten Gujarat’s Lion and Their Prey: - Two shrubs lantana camara and cassia tora spreading in the Gir forest are threatening Asiatic lions. Experts and forest department officials said that the spread of lantana camara (locally known as indradhanu) is so rapid that remov

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  • 3 📹 Yojana November 2018: Swachhata from Idea to Reality (Part 3) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Star Rating for Garbage Cities: - Ministry has introduced new innovative initiative for evaluating Garbage Free status of Cities & awarding “Garbage Free City Stars” to city. Star Rating initiative, which is rating protocol based on 12 parameters.

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  • 4 📹 Expected Questions in Environment & Latest Developments Part 1 (Set 2) [ NTA NET-JRF Upd. ]

    Steps for Curbing Plastic Pollution: India Laun. Plastic Free Zones World Envt. Day–2018: - India was global host for “World Environment Day –2018” & joined nations which hosted this prestigious event. With “Beat Plastic Pollution” as theme for this day, India went big w/announce

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  • 5 📹 Expected Questions in Education & Latest Developments Part 1 (Part - 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    4th World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA-2018): World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA-2018) was inaugurated by Union Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD) in New Delhi. WOSA-2018 was organized by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) w/main focus (theme) on “Challenges & Op

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  • 6 📹 Kurukshetra November 2018 - Rural Health (Part 2) [ Current-Affairs/GS ]

    Present Situation: Govt. facilities face different set of challenges in ensuring quality of care: huge patient load, lack of accountability, absenteeism, management gaps & fixed salary based payment incentives.

    • Current legal framework for regulation of medical services is under

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