MPPSC Prelims General Studies 2013 Solved Paper (Part 8 of 10)

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  1. Which of the following musician was selected in 2013 for Lifetime achievement Grammy Award?

    1. Pandit Grijishankar

    2. Jakir Hussaen

    3. AR Rehman

    4. Pandit Ravishankar

    Answer: d

  2. MP accountant general's office is situated in which of the following cities?

    1. Bhopal

    2. Gwalior

    3. Jabalpur

    4. Reva

    Answer: b

  3. In which city is RCVP Naronha administrative academy situated?

    1. Jabalpur

    2. MMussoorie

    3. Mumbai

    4. Bhopal

    Answer: a

  4. All offences punishable under the protection of Civil Right Act. 1955 are?

    1. Cognizable and Non-Bialable

    2. Cognizbale and Non-Compoundable

    3. Non-Cognizable and Bialable

    4. Non-Cognizable and commoundable

    Answer: b

  5. An offence arising out of “Untouchability” would not made out where?

    1. The act of accused with regard to the enjoyment f benefit under a charitable trust created for the benefit of any section of the general public

    2. The act of accused is with regard to the use of finery

    3. As accused is not being copetent to commit an offence

    4. The accused and complainant victim belong to the same social group.

    Answer: d

  6. The protection of Civil right act extends to?

    1. The whole of India

    2. The whole of India except the scheduled area

    3. The whole of India except the scheduled area

    4. The whole of India except the union territories of Goa, Daman and diu

    Answer: c

  7. The schedule caste and scheduled tribes (prevention of atrocities) act, 1989 came into force on?

    1. 1st July 1980

    2. 30th January 1990

    3. 30th July 1989

    4. 1st January 1990

    Answer: b

  8. The SC and ST act is a special provision for the advancement of SC and ST which is based on which one of the following doctrines?

    1. Doctrine of severability

    2. Doctrine of preferred position

    3. Doctrine of protective discrimination

    4. Doctrine of Haronious Construction

    Answer: c

  9. Which of the following powers is NOT provided to specified special court under SC and ST act?

    1. Forfeiture of property of a convict of an offence

    2. To authorize a person for extra investigation other than police

    3. To remove a person from the area on whom there is a doubt of committing a crime

    4. Take measurement and photograph of a person on whom there is a doubt of committing a crime

    Answer: c

  10. A court of session specified as special court to try the offences under the SC and ST act for the purpose of providing?

    1. Speedy trial

    2. Time bound trial

    3. Special protection to victims

    4. All of above

    Answer: d

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