MPPSC Prelims General Studies 2013 Solved Paper (Part 9 of 10)

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  1. Scientists of NDRI Karnal (Haryana) developed second clone of which one of following animal?

    1. Sheep

    2. Buffalo

    3. Cow

    4. Goat

    Answer: b

  2. Which snake of the following is Non-poisonous?

    1. Cobra

    2. Viper

    3. Coral-snake

    4. Python

    Answer: d

  3. In which year was the project tiger launched to save Indian tiger?

    1. 1971

    2. 1973

    3. 1977

    4. 1991

    Answer: d

  4. Which of the following is measured By Anemometer?

    1. Velocity of water flow

    2. Depth of water

    3. Force of the wind

    4. Intensity of light

    Answer: c

  5. Dengue is a fever caused by transmitted to other human by?

    1. Virus and female aedes mosquito

    2. Bacteria and female culex mosquito

    3. Fungus and female aedes osquito

    4. Protozoa and female anopheles mosquito

    Answer: a

  6. Carbon monoxide poisoning affects mainly which one of the following?

    1. Digestive activity

    2. Liver Functioning

    3. Kidney Functioning

    4. Oxygen carryin capacity of blood

    Answer: d

  7. Statics is related to which one of the following?

    1. State of motion

    2. State of rest

    3. State of mind

    4. Study of data

    Ans: B

  8. According to a new definition adopted by International astronomical Union in 2006, which of the following is not a planet?

    1. Uranus

    2. Neptune

    3. Pluto

    4. Jupitor

    Answer: c

  9. World AIDS day is celebrated on which date?

    1. 12TH January

    2. 1st april

    3. 1st may

    4. 1st December

    Answer: d

  10. Which of the following is related with the field of electricity generation?

    1. MMTC

    2. MTNL

    3. NCL

    4. NHPC

    Answer: d

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