Examrace Madhya Pradesh PSC Geography Optional Series (Postal Course Includes 2020 Contemporary Topics)

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Course Includes Following 4 Books

Human & Economic Geography
Human & Economic Geography Sample Preview

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GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing
GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing Sample Preview

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Cover Geography optional including latest 2020 contemporary issues: Policies, goals, census and more! Afraid of the vast and extensive syllabus in Madhya Pradesh PSC geography! For Geography, good and updated reference makes all the difference. Don't read the same old books-filled with outdated information, mistakes and misinformation. Master all the important concepts with scientifically and carefully designed Examrace Madhya Pradesh PSC Geography Series-

  • Provides comprehensive 1200 pages of notes on most important topics of Geography as per the Madhya Pradesh PSC latest syllabus.

  • Most important topics are marked with ☞ for easy prioritization.

  • Material comes in 4 books. Part-1: Physical Geography (Geomorphology, Oceanography, Climatology, Biogeography), Part-2: Human and Economic Geography, Part-3: Geography of India, and Part-4: GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing.

  • Material covers detailed explanation to all important theories, includes latest facts and figures along with 2011 census reports.

  • Almost all questions in the last 4 Mains Exam, could be solved by carefully studying Examrace Madhya Pradesh PSC Geography Series!

  • Extra focus on connectivity, application and critical analysis.

  • Detailed illustrations using diagrams, pictures and graphs aid understanding and make it easy to understand even the most difficult concepts.

  • Develops skill of linking, writing and application beyond the bookish knowledge required for Madhya Pradesh PSC mains examination.

  • Examrace Map Locations Postal Course (available separately) works exceedingly well with this postal course.

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