Honour Killing, Roots, Causes: Sociology YouTube Lecture Handouts

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  • Murder of one member of family by another or others
  • Family prestige is at stake
  • The victim has brought dishonour upon the family or community
  • Mostly victims are females
  • Regulate and control them


  • During the Partition of the country
  • Between the years 1947 and 1950
  • Women were killed in order to preserve family Honour


  • Male dominated -Patriarchal society
  • Cultural mindset in traditional societies
  • Belief that Family՚s Honour is tied to a woman՚s chastity.
  • Rigid caste system
  • Incompetency of judicial laws
  • Not reached to rural or remote areas
  • Also present in urban areas
  • Lack of education and awareness
  • Vote bank politics

Examples of discerned dishonour

  • Dressing up in an unacceptable manner
  • Inter-caste marriage
  • Rape victim
  • Choosing a career of own choice
  • Divorce
  • Pre-marital sex
  • Abortion
  • Extra marital affair
  • Refusal to marry according to family՚s wish

Khap Panchayats

  • All male members
  • Based on old traditions
  • Mostly in Northern parts of India
  • Advocate against educating girls, wearing western clothes, using mobiles, late marriage, etc.
  • Punishment to couples who marry within the same gotra

Protection from Lynching Bill, 2019

  • Protection from Lynching Bill, 2019
  • Bill against Honour killing and mob lynching
  • Manipur and Rajasthan
  • Punishable with death sentence for Honour killing
  • Those convicted of lynching will be punished with life imprisonment and a fine of up to ₹ 5 lakh.


  • Change in perspective
  • Women not to be controlled
  • Equal treatment of women
  • Education, awareness
  • Strict laws
  • Political representation of women
  • Illegal Khaps to be dissolved
  • Judicial reforms
  • Pan India helpline
  • Role of media
  • NGOs acting actively
  • Role of local leaders
  • To amend the Indian Evidence Act to put the burden of proof on the accused.


  • Questions Article 21 of the constitution which guarantees right to life and personal liberty
  • Only the Judiciary has the power to determine whether one is wrong or not
  • Taking laws into own hands – root of this heinous crime
  • The act of honour killing is already punishable under different Sections of the IPC – 307, 308,34, 35, etc.
  • Strict and effective implementation required


Q. 1. Why are the majority of victims of honour killing females?

a) So that men maintain masculine privilege

b) To preserve the status quo of gender relations

c) To subjugate and oppress females

d) All of the above

Answer: d

Q. 2. Khap Panchayat is also known as

a) Caste Panchayat

b) Love Jihad

c) Nyaya Panchayat

d) None of these

Answer: A

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