Micro Sociological Perspective: Introduction Sociology YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Micro Sociological Perspective

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  • Northern USA not Europe
  • Later 19th and early 20th Century
  • Micro realm of society
  • Human interaction with society
  • Small group interaction
  • After the big Revolutions which focused on macro questions like how the society constructed the individuals
  • A shift – how is individual or self-created?


  • The micro realm refers to:
    • Micro scale as the reference or limited defined group
    • Methodological implications like interaction in a group
  • The big question: How does one learn to become social?
  • Eg. Mowgli

Relationship between Micro and Macro

  • Not polar opposites
  • Macro has an effect on micro

Emergence of Self

  • Self emerges from interaction with others
  • Interaction in the form of:
    • Communication
    • Language
    • Gestures
    • Conversation
    • Symbols
    • Drama
    • Habit
    • Knowledge
    • Routine (everyday life of people)

Stock of Knowledge and Emphasis on Routine

  • Use of detailed study of life – ethnographic study
  • Alfred Schutz – Shared lived reality of everyday
  • We know because we have experienced
  • We possess common knowledge
  • Gestures, symbols, conversations have meanings associated with them which are socially learned

Micro Theories

  • On the basis of radius of explanatory shell and Unit of analysis
  • Micro theories also called molecular theories
    • Interaction among individuals in society
    • Weber, Pareto have contributed to Micro theories
  • Macro theories are called Molar theories
    • Culture, institutions, society, etc.
    • Durkheimian theories are eg of Macro theories
Micro Theories


Q. 1. Which of these fall under the category of Micro sociological theory?

i. Symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, dramaturgy, exchange theory

ii. Rational choice theory, Mechanical Solidarity, Social Facts

iii. Phenomenology, Merton՚s theory of anomie, Pareto՚s theory of elites

iv. All of these

Ans: i

Q. 2. Which theory is best suitable to explain social roles and individual behaviour in society?

i. Micro theory

ii. Macro theory

iii. Grand theory

iv. Miniature theory

Ans: i

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0: 00 Micro Sociological Perspective

0: 21 Introduction of Micro Sociological Perspective

2: 06 Concept of Micro Sociological Perspective

3: 37 Relationship between Micro and Macro

4: 13 Emergence of Self

5: 33 Stock Of Knowledge and Emphasis on Routine

7: 03 Micro Theories

8: 19 Difference Between Micro and Macro

8: 52 MCQ about Micro Sociological Perspective

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