MPPSC English Syllabus

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The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has published syllabus for the State Services Main Examination 2010 of the MPPSC. The Syllabus of the exam is as follows:

English Literature


Elizabethan to Romatic Era

The paper covers the literary period from the Renaissance to the Romantic Movement. The candidates are expected to be acquainted with major literary movements, currents, besides the socio-cultural background of the periods. The course content intends to test the first hand knowledge of the candidates with regard to the major authors and their representative works:

  1. Christopher Marlowe-Dr. Faustus

  2. William Shakespeare-Macbeth As You Like It.

  3. Francis Bacon-Of Studies, Of Truth, Of Friendship, Of Revenge.

  4. John Donne-Extasie, Anniversarie

  5. John Milton-Paradise Lost, Book-I

  6. John Dryden-Mac Flecknoe

  7. Alexander Pope-Rape of the Lock.

  8. William Wordsworth-The Solitary Reaper Tintern Abbey.

  9. S. T. Coleridge-Rime of the Ancient Mariner

  10. P. B. Shelley-To A Skylark Ode to the West Wind

  11. Jane Austen-Pride and Prejudice

  12. Charles Lamb-A Bachelors Complaint Old China, Dream Children. English Literature


Victorian to Modern Era

The Second paper incorporates various literary trends ranging from the Victorian to the modern era. The candidates are expected to possess first hand knowledge of representative British, American and Indian Writing in English.

  1. Tennyson-Ulysses, Crossing the Bar

  2. Robert Browning-My Last Duchess, Prospice

  3. Matthew Arnold-Dover Beach

  4. Charles Dickens-David Copperfield

  5. Thomas Hardy-Mayor of Casterbridge

  6. D. G. Rossetti-Blossom

  7. George Bernard Shaw-Candida, Joan of Arc

  8. Eugene ONeill-Mourning Becomes Electra

  9. Mulk Raj Anand-Coolie

  10. A. K. Ramanujan-A River

  11. Girish Karnad-Hayavadana

  12. Ernest Hemingway-A Farewell to Arms

  13. Robert Frost-Mending Wall Road Not Taken

  14. T S Eliot-Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock

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