MPPSC Political Science Syllabus

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has published syllabus for the State Services Preliminary Examination 2010 of the MPPSC. The Syllabus of the exam is as follows:

Political Science


  1. It Includes

    1. Nature and scope of Political Science-Relationship with other allied disciplines-History, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology.

    2. Approaches to the study of Political Science-Liberal, and Marxist.

  2. It Includes

    1. Concept of State-Elements and theories of Origin (Social Contract, Evolutionary-Historical, and Marxist) Functions of State (Individualist, Welfare State and Socialist)

    2. Other key Concepts-Sovereignty, Law, Rights, Liberty, Equality, Justice and Political Development.

  3. It Includes

    1. Democracy-Meaning and Theories of Democracy, Electoral Process; Theories of Representation Public Opinion.

    2. Political Parties and Pressure Groups/Interest Groups; Bureaucracy.

  4. It Includes

    1. Government-Constitutionalism, Parliamentary and Presidential form of Government; Federal and Unitary form of Government.

    2. Global order-Neo Liberalism, Globalization, Regional Organisations-EU, SAARC, ASEAN

  5. It Includes

    1. Political Ideologies-Liberalism, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism and Gandhism.

    2. Nationalism and Internationalism.


  1. It Includes

    1. Historical Perspective of Indian Political System-Colonialism and Nationalism in India, The Indian National Movement; Constitutional Development in India.

    2. Indian Constitution-Main Features: Federalism in India; Centre State Relations, Demand for State Autonomy.

  2. It Includes

    1. Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, Parliamentary system in India.

    2. Legislature-Parliament, State Legislature.

  3. It Includes

    1. Executive-Union Govt. And State Govt. Role of Governor, Coalition Govt.

    2. Judiciary-Supreme Court, Judicial Review and Judicial Activism.

  4. It Includes

    1. Party system and Pressure Groups in India-National and Regional Political Parties, Pressure Groups in India.

    2. Election Commission of India, Electoral Reforms, UPSC.

  5. It Includes

    1. Urban Local Government-74th Constitutional amendment Act-Municipal Corporation and Municipalities.

    2. Rural Local Government-73rd Constitutional amendment Act-Panchayati Raj Institution, Working of Panchayati Raj in India.