Maharashtra PSC Exam: Philosphy MCQs (Practice_Test 47 of 90)

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  1. If the minor term of the conclusion of a syllogism is undistributed then its
    1. minor premise must be affirmative
    2. minor premise must be universal
    3. minor premise must be particular
    4. major premise must be particular
  2. Which one of the following statements is correct? A disjunctive proposition whose second dusjunct is a conditional statement with false antecedent
    1. must be true
    2. must be false
    3. Advaitavada
    4. may be false
  3. The sentence ‘Non-nameables do not exist’ ( ‘nameables-N’ ) can be represented in
    1. Venn Diagram
    2. Plot Diagram
    3. Eulid Diagram
    4. Relational Diagram
  4. The Venn diagram represents two propositions. Which one of the following pairs of propositions is represented by the diagram?
    1. All S is P, some S is P
    2. Some S is not P, no S is P
    3. No S is P, no S is P
    4. No S is P, some S is P

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