Cultural Studies Key English YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Cultural Studies Key

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8 Key Concepts

  • Representation
  • Materialism
  • Non-reductionism
  • Articulation
  • Power
  • Popular Culture
  • Text and Readers
  • Subjectivity and Identity


  • World is socially constructed
  • Meaning is produced in different contexts
  • It involves use of language, signs and images
  • Beverage – Party
  • Motorcycle – Means of transport


  • Modern industrialized economies and media cultures
  • Profit-motivated corporations
  • Cultural materialism

Non- Reductionism

  • Each culture is viewed as having its own particular meanings, rules and practices
  • Class, gender, sexuality, race, nation, as well as ethnicity have their own specifics


  • Links cultural or social phenomena
  • ‘Putting together’
  • Formation of temporary unity


  • Imposing one՚s will on others
  • Media
  • Pervading at every level of social relationships
  • Subordinated groups, mainly class, and then race, gender, age group, nations

Popular Culture

  • Subordination takes place due to coercion, as well as consent.
  • Grounds on which this consent is obtained or lost
  • Ideology
  • Hegemony

Text and Reader

  • Text refers to written word as well as the practices signified
  • No same meaning
  • Meaning is produced by the interplay of text and reader

Subjectivity and Identity

  • Identity is the sense of self
  • Role of Media


0: 00 Cultural Studies- Key Concepts

0: 25 8 Key Concepts

0: 53 Representation

3: 30 Materialism

4: 50 Non- Reductionism

6: 20 Articulation

7: 42 Power

8: 46 Popular Culture

10: 22 Text and Reader

12: 10 Subjectivity and Identity

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