Interludes: The Origin of Drama English YouTube Lecture Handouts

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The Origin of Drama

  • Introduction
  • Mystery plays,
  • Miracle plays,
  • Morality plays
  • Mid of 15TH century
  • The Interludes
The Origin of Drama

The Dramas

  • mid- 15th century
  • Churches outlaws the performances.
  • Theatres were built outside of the city.

The Interludes

  • mid- 16th century
  • A short play with real characters
The Interludes
  • From abstractions to individuals
  • Absence of allegorical figures
  • Morality to comedy

John Heywood-a court musician, entertainer at Henry VIII՚s court

The Four P՚s

  • A lying match between
    • a Pedlar,
    • a Palmer,
    • a Pardoner and
    • a Pothecary

Mystery Plays

Sum Up


1. The Interludes deal with

A. Short stories with real character

B. Fiction

C. Verse Poem

D. Short stories with real allegorical characters

2. The Interludes originated in the

A. 18th Century

B. 14th Century

C. 19th Century

D. 16th Century

3. John Heywood was a musician in the court of

A. Henry VIII

B. James I

C. Charles I

D. None of the above

4. John Heywood was a musician who wrote

A. Piers the Plowman

B. Everyman

C. The four P՚s

D. None of the above

5. What happened in the middle of the 15th century?

A. Churches were closed

B. Theatres were built outside of the city

C. Churches encouraged the performances

D. Churches were refined.


0: 00 The origin of English Drama

1: 30 The Dramas

2: 35 The Interludes

5: 50 Sum Up

7: 27 MCQ about The Interludes

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