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The Origin of English Drama Romantic Drama

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The Origin of Drama

  • Introduction
  • Mystery plays,
  • Miracle plays,
  • Morality plays
  • Mid of 15TH CENTURY
  • The Interludes
  • Romantic Drama
  • Elizabethan Period
The Origin of Drama

Moving away from the classics?

Gorboduc (1561) -Senecan model

Gorboduc (1561) -Senecan Model

The Origin of Romantic Drama

  • blend of English and classical elements
  • Ignores the unities of time and place
  • Adds non-classical dumb shows before each Act
  • Employs classic formalities like chorus and messenger
  • Premiered before the Queen in 1561, published in 1565, better version in 1570 as the Tragedy of Ferrex and Porrex

โ€˜Englishโ€™ Drama

  • Dilemma and confusion after the production of Gorboduc (1561)
  • Classical tradition vs. National taste
  • Faithful imitation of ancient models - cramping conditions of the Senecan style (translations of Seneca - 1581 โ€“ 10 tragedies in a single edition)
  • Triumph of the national taste
  • Catered to the amusement of the miscellaneous unscholarly public
  • Cared for exciting plots and vigorous action than the finer details of art
  • # A variety of experiments
  • The support of patrons

The Origin of Romantic Drama

  • Free tradition of the popular stage
  • away from the restrictive classical principles
  • The use of stage tricks and magic
  • Waning popularity of mystery plays, Catholic themes


1. Gorboduc is also called

A. Piers the Plowman

B. Ferrex and Porrex

C. The four Pีšs

D. None of the above

Answer: B

2. Gorboduc was performed in front of

A. James I

B. Charles I

C. Queen Elizabeth

D. None of the above

3. Gorboduc is a tragedy based on________

A. Classical Senecan model

B. The taste of Elizabethan audience.

C. Both a and b

D. Morality plays

Answer: C


0: 00 Gorboduc

0: 08 The Origin of English Drama

1: 05 The Origin of Romantic Drama

1: 55 Gorboduc

3: 30 History of Gorboduc

10: 00 MCQ about Gorboduc

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