Consumer Protection Act: Salient Features of the Act and Rights under the Act

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  • It was enacted in 1986 for protecting consumers interests.
  • A consumer buys goods and avails services through all modes of transaction.
  • Easy and fast redressal of consumers grievances
  • The Act covers public, private and Cooperative sectors

Salient Features of the Act

  • It enshrines six rights of consumers
  • The provision of the act are in addition to other laws
  • It covers all goods and services
  • Defines Goods and Services
  • The Act covers all sectors
  • The act seeks redressal of consumers complaint in a timely and inexpensive manner
  • The Act provides timely redressal of grievances and is preventive in nature
  • Establishes the National Commission at Central, State and District level and a district forum
  • Complaints to district forum for value up to 20 laks, State commission for up to 1 crore National Commission to more than a crore
  • Consumer can repeal against a decision to a higher body
  • It charge only nominal fee to consumers
  • It set up Consumer Protection Councils at District, State and the Central level.

Rights under the Act

  • Right to Safety
  • Right to Information
  • Right to Choose
  • Right to Represent
  • Right to Redressal
  • Right to Represent
  • Right to Education

Responsibilities of the Consumers

  • Responsibility to be aware
  • Responsibility to think independently
  • Responsibility to Speak out
  • Responsibility to complain
  • Responsibility to be an Ethical Consumer

Consumer Protection Act 2019

  • Consumer Protection Act 2019 replaces Consumer Protection Act of 1986
  • The Act provides for Effective implementation and settlement of consumer dispute
  • The 2019 Bill was introduced by Ram villas Paswan
  • Passed in Parliament in August 2019
  • on 9th August it was Notified in the Gazette of India
  • The act is not yet in force
  • Section 10 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 provides for the establishment of a Central Consumer Protection Authority
  • It headquartered in the National Capital Region of Delhi

Powers and Functions of the Authority

  • Investigate matters related to violations of consumer rights
  • Recalls goods and services that are unsafe
  • Pass orders for refund and discontinuation of unfair practices
  • Impose penalty on false advertisements endorser up to ₹ 10 lakes and 2 year imprisonment
  • Ban the endorser of a misleading advertisement
  • Files complaints of consumers to District, State and the National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission
  • It is composed of a Chief Commissioner and two other commissioners as members
  • The Central Consumer Protection Authority will have a separate wing for investigation
  • District Collectors will also have a power to investigate.

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