E-Governance Initiatives: Rural India & E-Governance Initiatives Part 2

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Rural India & E-Governance Initiatives

Rural India & E-Governance Initiatives

Digital Locker: Digi Locker

  • Save Documents Electronically
  • Linked through Aadhaar number
  • Initiative of Department of Electronics and Information Technology

Digital India

  • Digital empowerment and knowledge economy
  • Power to Empower
  • Custodian is Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL)
  • Thrust areas (Broadband highways, Total Mobile connectivity, Public Internet Access Programme, E-Governance, E-Kranti , Boost to electronics firms, Employment, My Gov, Net-Zero Electronics Import Target by 2020)


  • National E - Service Delivery Assessment
  • Seven key parameters
  • Framework covers six sectors

National Conference on E-Governance

  • Started Since 1997
  • DARPG along Department of Information Technology
  • Awarding Government organization and institution


  • Pro Active Governance And Timely Implementation
  • Interactive platform
  • Addresses Common Man՚s Grievances


  • Government Instant Messaging System
  • Platform for organizational communication
  • Developed by NIC

Consumer App

  • Helps consumers register their grievances online
  • Information of 42 sectors
  • Monitored by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution

Bhutan Panchayat V 3.0

  • Developed by ISRO
  • Planning and Monitoring Government Projects
  • Provide Aid to Gram Panchayat

Jan Soochna Portal

  • Launched by Rajasthan Government
  • Developed by Do IT & C
  • Proactive Disclosure of Information

Portal Santusht

Implementation of policies of Ministry of Labour and Employment

Askdisha Chatbot

  • Launched by Indian Railways
  • to resolve queries of passengers

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