Polity Study Material: Features of Indian Constitution

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Salient Features of Constitution of India

  1. It makes India Sovereign, Socialist, Secular. Democratic Republic.
  2. It is designed to work as Federal Government in normal times and as a Unitary Government in an emergency.
  3. It establishes India as a Secular State.
  4. It establishes a Parliamentary System of Government in India
  5. It introduces adult franchise and the system of Government in India
  6. India is a union of 28 States and 7 Union Territories.
  7. It abolishes untouchability in India
  8. It guarantees Fundamental Rights to all citizens of India.
  9. It lays down Directive Principles of state Policy for the guidance of Legislature and the Executive of the country.
  10. It establishes independence of judiciary from the executive.
  11. It declares Hindi as the National language of India which would rep lace English as early as possible.
  12. A Union Public Service Commission has been set up to make recruitment to various services.
  13. Provision has been made for amending the constitution.

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