Maharashtra PSC Exam: Political Science Study Material Part 14 of Constitution

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Part XIV Services under the Union and the States

Chapter I. Services

  • Article
  • 308 Interpretation.
  • 309 Recruitment and conditions of service of persons serving the Union or a State.
  • 310 Tenure of the office of persons serving the Union or a State.
  • 311 Dismissal, removal or reduction in rank of persons employed in civil capacities under the Union or a State.
  • 312 All-India services.
  • 312A Power of Parliament to vary or revoke conditions of service of officers of certain services.
  • 313 Transitional provisions.
  • 314 [Repeated]

Chapter II. Public Service Commissions

  • Articles
  • 315 Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the States.
  • 316 Appointment and term of office of members.
  • 317 Removal and suspension of a member of a Public Service Commission.
  • 318 Power to make regulations as to conditions of service of members and staff of the Commission.
  • 319 Prohibition as to the holding of offices by members of Commission on ceasing to be such members.
  • 320 Functions of Public Service Commissions.
  • 321 Power to extend functions of Public Service Commissions.
  • 322 Expenses of Public Service Commissions.
  • 323 Reports of Public Service Commissions.

Present Composition of the UPSC

The Commission presently consists of Chairman and eight Members. The current composition of the Commission is as under: Honourable Chairman: Gurubachan Jagat Honourable Members: (1) B N Navalavala (2) Air Marshal S G Inamdar (3) Shri Subir Dutta (4) Ms Parveen Talha (5) Prof. D. P. Agrawal (6) Dr. Bhure Lai (7) Ms Chokila Iyer (8) Shri K Roy Paul (9) Prof K S Chalam

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