Components of Brain Part 1

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A major brain research strategy involves the localization of function to link specific structures in the brain with specific psychological of behavioural functions.

  • Bio psychologists study how processes in the body, brain, and nervous system relate to behaviour.
  • To map the brain, researchers activate or disable specific areas and observe changes in behaviour.
  • Brain structure is investigated though dissection and less intrusive CT scan and MRI scans.
  • Brain function is investigated through clinical case studies, electrical stimulation, Ablation, deep lesioning, electrical recording, and microelectrode recording, as Well as less intrusive EEG recordings, PET scans, and FMRI scans.

The human cerebral cortex is largely responsible for our ability to use language, Make tools, acquire complex skills, and live in complex social groups. The cerebral cortex is divided into left and right hemispheres connected by the corpus callosum.

  • Each hemisphere is divided into four lobes: the parietal lobes, the temporal lobes, and the occipital lobes.
  • The human brain is marked by advanced corticalization, or enlargement of the Cerebral cortex.

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