Pauperization and Depeasantisation Sociology YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Pauperization and Depeasantisation Sociology


  • Concept by Lenin
  • The process of shifting of peasants from agricultural to non-agricultural sector
  • An alternate source of livelihood
  • A form of deagrarinization
  • Peasants lose their economic capacity, social coherence and reduce in number demographically
  • Six months agriculture, six months labour
  • Going away of peasant practices


  • Migration
  • Segmentation of the land holdings
  • Digital divide
  • Inadequate land area = low yield
  • Poverty and poor standard of living
  • Non- profitable
  • Low availability of family labour
  • Land leased due to high rent
  • Land sold due to high debt
  • Joining other secure profession


  • β€œThe wealth of bourgeoisie is swelled by large profits with corresponding increase in the mass of poverty; of pressure of slavery, of exploitation of the Proletariat.”
  • Concept by Marx
  • Increasing mismatch between economic or exchange value of labour and use value of labour
  • E. g. , if a tailor is paid rupees 300 for one day՚s work to stitch a gown and that gown is worth rupees 3000 for the boutique owner
  • 3000 - 300
  • Higher the mismatch, higher the pauperization
  • Polarization
  • Rich become richer and poor become poorer
  • Lumpenproletariat – extremely poor
  • Exploitation of labour increases poverty
  • This exploitation on the other hand enables the rich to become richer
  • In return the labour only gets bare minimum income


Q. 1. Consider the following about Garib Kalyan Yojana:

a. It was started in the year 2020

b. The primary aim of the scheme was to help the rural population during the pandemic and lockdown

c. The allotted budget was 1.7 crore

d. 80 crore beneficiaries targeted

Find the correct answer from options:

1. a and b

2. A and c

3. b, c and d

4. All of these

Answer: 4

Q. 2. Who believed that poverty is the result of exploitation and not scarcity?

1. Stranded Workers Action Network

2. Marx

3. Lenin

4. Dahrendorf

Answer: 2

✍ Manishika