Post-Modernist Theories of Gender Relations: Arguments under Postmodernist Theory

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Post-Modernist Theories of Gender Relations

Arguments under Postmodernist Theory

Postmodern world has different conditions than modern world.

Four changes that can be observed:

  • Global capitalism has expanded
  • Central power has weakened – decline of imperialism, rise of participatory politics, etc.
  • Consumerism has increased, technology has an upper hand in production
  • Rise of liberalist movements based on identity like LGBTQ


  • Oppositional Epistemological approach
  • Questions the claims to truth that is stated by a theory
  • Empiricism and phenomenology
  • This approach asks, “How are you constructing the concept of women?”
  • Does not ask “what about women?”


  • They ask whose knowledge is accountable
  • What creates a women standpoint?
  • In ancient times, as studies in Marxist Feminism women were responsible for social reproduction
  • They held a subordinate status
  • Deconstructing gender
  • Adoption of vocabulary
  • Naming the work
  • Questions raced by women of varied class, color, race, ethnicity, sexuality

Strategies Used in Postmodernism

  • Webbed accounts
  • Promoting accounts of less privileged
  • Reflexive
  • Identifying meanings of world

Some postmodernist feminist thinkers:

  • Stacey and Thorne
  • Mann and Kelley
  • West and Fenster maker
  • Williams
  • Hennessey and Ingraham


Q. 1. A feminist sociological theory begins with ________

(a) World standpoint epistemology

(b) Sociology of knowledge

(c) Intersectionality

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) Sociology of knowledge

Q. 2. A major factor in unequal power relations is due to ________

(a) Dominant groups՚ views are circulated more and are considered higher

(b) Less empowered groups՚ views are circulated more and are considered higher

(c) Borrowing knowledge from lesser-known theories

(d) Views of combined groups is taken at a time

Answer: (a) Dominant groups՚ views are circulated more and are considered higher

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