Privatisation of Education Sociology YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Title: Privatisation of Education

Privatisation of Education: Aims, Functions, Objectives, Advantages, Elite Reproduction | Sociology

Introduction to Education

  • Education is a process
  • It is conscious
  • A teacher and a learner
  • Learns social skills, gathers knowledge
  • Parents as informal teachers


  • Read, Write, Arithmetic
  • Regulating behaviour
  • Social order
  • Awareness about rights and duties
  • Life skills and values like honesty, discipline
  • Socio-economic environment

Live Life in a Righteous Way

  • According to UNESCO, education helps in, “the ability to get along with others and also learning to think for oneself.”
  • It can be used to solve problems of unemployment, Delinquency, poverty, etc.
  • Gained through the process of socialization


Latent Functions

  • Social order
  • Social control
  • Practice duties
  • Become better citizens of society
  • Social cohesion

Manifest Functions

  • Knowledge
  • Individual development
  • Culture transmission
  • Career
  • Values

Privatisation of Education

  • Today, there is a preference of private schools
  • Why?
    • Better facilities
    • Teachers are more attentive
    • Better quality
    • Status symbol
    • Timely management
    • Healthy competition, etc.
  • Superior learning environments
  • More options
  • Co-curricular
  • Language
  • Better technology, infrastructure, modern classroom
  • As a result, private schools have:
  • Fewer absences, episodes of bunking classes, and fights among students
  • Less Homework, smaller classes, high participation in extracurricular activities and sports
  • Better performance
  • Better confidence and personality
  • Better chances of joining a reputed college and getting better jobs


  • More options for students and parents
  • Legacy of achievements
  • Establishing contacts
  • New and modern teaching methods

Elite Reproduction

  • Inequality in the society
  • High fees
  • Funds from elites
  • Particular class people
  • A lower-class child does not fit in


Q. 1. According to Mike O՚Donnell, how do private schools contribute to elite reproduction?

a. They offer academic advantage

b. They provide suitable general socialization for elite participation

c. They provide useful contacts

d. They create a safe environment for every class to gather funds


1. B only

2. A, b and c

3. A, c and d

4. D only

Answer: 2

Q. 2. Educational institutions operate more like businesses because ________

a. It creates competition between educational institutions

b. Allows for operation of free market system within education

c. It provides choices for the consumer

d. All of these

Answer: d