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Tribal Society Economic System, Tribalisation, Tribal Policy

Economic System of Tribes

According to T. N. Madan and Majumdar,

  • Use of ancient means of mode of production
  • Barter system
  • No profit motive
  • Cooperation
  • Production for consumption purpose
  • No dominance or competition among each other
  • Lack of regular market
  • Absence of monetary value of property

Occupation of Tribes

Occupation of Tribes
Food gatherers and huntersChenchu, Jarbas
Jhoom cultivatorsKhasi of Meghalaya
PeasantsMundas, Kotas of Nilgiri
Animal husbandryTodas of Nilgiri, Gaddis, Bakarwals, HP
Artists or folkGond, Pradhan of MP
Agricultural workersMajority of tribes

Changing Tribal Institutions Reasons

  • Impact of missionaries
  • Industrialization
  • Democracy
  • Reservation
  • Transport and communication
  • Modern education
  • Land reform
  • Cooperatives


  • By S. L. Kalia
  • Process of becoming like a tribe
  • Adapting the values, practices and ideologies of a tribe
  • For e. g. Food habits

Status Determinant

  • Potlach ceremony to determine status
  • Kwakiuti tribes of Northwest Pacific coast
  • 1849 to 1925
  • Ceremonial distribution of property and gifts
  • Gain social status

Political System

  • Cephalous – Formal head
  • Acephalous – No formal head

Tribal Policy

  • Policy of isolation
    • Verrier Elwin
    • Tribal Park
    • Non-interference policy
    • Tribal Panchsheel
    • Studied Baiga tribe
    • Book – The Tribal world of Verrier Elwin
  • Policy of assimilation
    • G. S. Ghurye
    • Tribes as backward class Hindus
    • Assimilated among Hindus
  • Policy of integration
    • Govt. of India
    • Identity preserved and autonomous
    • Integrating into mainstream society for development


Q. Who studied the Kshatriyas of Dehradun and observed tribalisation?

i. D. N. Majumdar

ii. T. N. Madan

iii. D. Madebaum

iv. Bromley

Answer: i

Q. Who said, β€œWhen tribe loses its boundary it becomes a caste.”

i. Marx

ii. Weber

iii. Sinha

iv. Majumdar

Answer: ii

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0: 11 Economic System of Tribes

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3: 47 Reasons for Changing Tribal Institutions

6: 07 Tribalisation

6: 57 Status Determinant

7: 51 Political System

8: 42 Tribal Policy

10: 30 MCQ about Tribal Society

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