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  • Examrace MCSCC Map Locations of India: Political, Economic & Physical with Key Details (Postal Course)

    Author/Editor: ISBN: 978-0-9829216-1-6, First edition: 12-Aug-2010, Last revised:

    Covers more than 3000 key map location- key economic, natural, environmental, cultural, tourist, political, defense, education, and "in-news" centers - with easy to remember succinct descriptions. Guaranteed to give cutting edge in map location question.

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  • Examrace MCSCC Geography Optional Series (Postal Course Includes 2019 Contemporary Topics)

    Author/Editor: ISBN: 978-0-9829216-3-0, First edition: 30-Jun-2011, Last revised:

    GS focused Geography postal course covering entire syllabus of physical, human and Indian Geography (includes 2011 census data) for MCSCC. Also covers geographical tools like GIS, cartography, remote sensing and statistics.

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    Course Includes Following 4 Books

    Human & Economic Geography
    Human & Economic Geography Sample Preview

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    GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing
    GIS, Cartography, Statistics & Remote Sensing Sample Preview

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  • Examrace MCSCC Psychology Series (Postal Course)

    Author/Editor: ISBN: 978-0-9829216-0-9, First edition: 24-May-2010, Last revised:

    Looking for complete study material for one of the most popular optional, Psychology. Manipur Public Service Commission Exam can be approached perfectly with Examrace notes.

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